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Our Philosophy

Your personality and dreams cannot be boxed in or defined by anyone but you. There always remains one frontier or mystery inside you. Pentalic believes that inspiration and creation are boundless; artistic expression cannot be assigned to the fixed positions of a home, office, school or studio. This is why we design products that unleash a creator’s unseen potential whenever and wherever they feel inspiration. The versatile properties of Pentalic products have a long history of meeting the demands of professional artists, casual writers, sketchers, illustrators and painters. With products that are designed to be rugged, economical and practical, images and words can be materialized on the page, in any environment, with any artistic medium. Many of our employees are artists and writers who understand how small design features improve the usability of everything we manufacture. Whether well-built or waterproof, compact or comfortable, Pentalic products are sourced with high quality, acid-free materials that are sturdy enough to last for generations.

Artist Gallery

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Why People Love Our Products

“I teach art. I have a several students who will need a good drawing pencil. I have heard that the Pentalic woodless pencil is a good choice. I have one that I have had for years.”


“Thank you very much for the sketchbooks! I just received the Nature Sketch pad in the mail which was a pleasant surprise! I am in love with the quality of the paper, heavy-dutiness is important!”


“My fiancee and I were intending to use the Pentalic 130lb Nature sketch paper for silk screening our wedding invitations… We really like the color and texture of the Nature sketch paper.”


“I just wanted to say that I love your papers! I’ve tried quite a few sketchbooks, and my favorite so far is the Utility Sketchbook, I can not only use pencil and pen, but markers too on it. I love your Utility Sketchbook, when I’m making tons of line arts, it’s like making my own coloring book! So thank you for making such a fun sketchbook with so many possibilities for the imagination. I recently got the 288 page sketchbook, so I shouldn’t have to keep buying paper over and over due to running out. But when I DO use up the last pages, I plan on buying another.”


“I bought a field book wirebound, watercolor book of 24 sheets, 7 x 10 in Kauai. I am an illustrator for children’s books and find this size and surface just what I like.”


“These colored pencils from Pentalic are specially formulated for use with water, allowing you to blend them nicely and create different shades and tones of color. The benefit to using a pencil rather then straight watercolor is the ability to create different textures and better control your line-work. What I like about these particular watercolor pencils is the pigment. You start with your basic color with as thick or thin shading as you like, the color is vibrant and exciting. Wash it out, blend it in, and you still get bold, true to life coloring.”


Art Advice From Fellow Artists

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