Make 2018 The Year to Embrace Imperfection and Growth!

//Make 2018 The Year to Embrace Imperfection and Growth!

Have you always felt like you were meant for something more? Have you always wanted to live out your dream and follow your passion to illustrate or create for a living, but don’t know where to start? Well why not start now! Make 2018 your to embrace imperfection, growth, and self-discovery. No pressure, just scratch that curious itch and see what drawing everyday can do for you.

It may seem impossible to make time for art, but what if you built time into your scheduling to create, 10 minutes a day, every day. Scribble, doodle, write down your thoughts, it all counts. Just put that pencil, brush, pen or whatever to paper. We know you can do it and we are hereby challenging you to a 365 drawing challenge! You’ll be amazed how quickly it becomes a habit, and even more amazed by how quickly your art improves and the closer you will feel to achieving your goals.

Staying Motivated

You were born to be real, not perfect. – Ralph Marston

We will provide prompts to help you AND we will be participating in this challenge as well. Yikes! So let’s all encourage and motivate each other by…

1. Following Pentalic365 on Instagram
2. #Pentalic365 in your work
3. Remember that we are not looking for perfection, but for the imperfect journey to growth!
4. Drawing every day

What to Draw Though?

We will post monthly prompts on Facebook. But here are some other tips to get inspired.

– Go outside! Nature has inspired humans for centuries, and urban sketching is a fun trend that’s right outside your door.
– Look through other artists’ work to get some inspiration on social media.
– Try to remake another piece of well-known art such as cartoons, traditional art, or music album covers.
– Look through your own past art and see if you want to remake a piece or try a new approach.
– Ask a friend! Some great pieces have been created from a simple “What should I draw?” question.

Have Fun!

We hope these tips inspire you to try the 365 challenge with us! Even if it turns into a 360 or 260 day challenge for you, giving it a try will help you focus and improve your techniques through practice. Have fun with your daily sketches, and we look forward to seeing the pieces you share!

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