@kellycreates is a traveling brush lettering teacher and creator. With her trusty Aqua Journal, she documents her adventures and experiences. Learn more about her travels, sketching, and how she found her love of lettering in her interview with us! (Link in bio!)

What’s your favorite thing about teaching art?

The joy of connecting with others and helping them overcome the ‘fear’ of creating is incredibly rewarding. Watching them fall in love with the art form and express their creativity is inspirational and so satisfying. I feel very blessed to be able to travel and teach around the world, and the best part is seeing how art and calligraphy brings people together of all cultures and ethnicities. Everything else falls away when we share our passion for art. Art unifies us and makes the planet a creative community.

Favorite Pentalic Product and Why?

My first Pentalic product is still my go-to for my sketching. The 5 x 8 Aqua Journal is the perfect size for my travels and the paper is wonderful for watercolours and ink, my favourite mediums.

What do you like about urban sketching?

Urban sketching forces me to stop overthinking, be present in the moment and translate what I see quickly onto paper. It enables me to capture a moment in time, an experience, colours and feelings and curate them in a sketchbook. Like a photo album, I can flip through my urban sketches and remember vividly all the special places I’ve been and experiences I’ve had.

Has watercolor changed the way you travel?
Yes and no. It has changed the way I ‘see’ things. Sometimes I think I have to find the perfect view, but often the best sketches are a spontaneous decision of suddenly wanting to capture the moment wherever I am.

What drew you to brush lettering?

I watched a video of a brush pen writing 3 years ago and was entranced. I had a whole set of pens untouched in my studio, so I took them out and started to teach myself. The quiet movement of pen on paper, the escape from the hectic, digital world, and the meditative, calming experience made me fall in love with calligraphy instantly.

What’s been the biggest hardship for you as a traveling art teacher?

I love traveling and feel very blessed to teach around the world. The hardship is packing suitcases and transporting them ha ha ha! Worrying about the venue and organizing supplies is challenging, but I think I have it figured out now. Almost.

What’s the most important piece of advice you’ve received in regards to your art?

A couple years ago I reconnected with a very dear friend of mine who lives across the country. She is very artistic and creative and quite fearless about exploring and playing with art forms. We had a conversation about “making your mark” in life and how we all need to express our creativity somehow and leave an imprint of our true selves. When you are passionate and fearless about making your mark, this develops into authentic, original and organic artistic expression.

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