Artist Feature: Babaljit Kaur

What initially drew you to art? When I was five-years old, I moved from India to the United States. Moving here was a big culture shock and there was initially a language barrier also. I remember taking my first art class in kindergarten and absolutely loving it. From there on out, I would draw on everything I could get my hands on from napkins to the sidewalk. Art was something that I could do without having to worry about being right or wrong. Over the years I’ve expanded the ways I can be creative and my love for art has only grown. You're an Interaction & Communication Design student, what does

Social Media & Sharing Your Art

By Kelly Klapstein (@kellycreates) Many people don’t realize that I’ve had a blog and YouTube channel for quite a long time and started using them actively when I began designing and teaching paper crafts, like scrapbooking and card making, in the creative industry 10 years ago. Then I discovered Instagram. About 5 years ago, I took an online iPhone photography class with some friends and began sharing on Instagram. I was smitten! I fell in love with the platform and truly enjoyed spending time scrolling through inspiring art and crafting accounts. Connecting with people in this online class resulting in a number of special friendships that continue to this day. I

Artist Feature: Kelly Klapstein

@kellycreates is a traveling brush lettering teacher and creator. With her trusty Aqua Journal, she documents her adventures and experiences. Learn more about her travels, sketching, and how she found her love of lettering in her interview with us! (Link in bio!) What’s your favorite thing about teaching art? The joy of connecting with others and helping them overcome the 'fear' of creating is incredibly rewarding. Watching them fall in love with the art form and express their creativity is inspirational and so satisfying. I feel very blessed to be able to travel and teach around the world, and the best part is seeing how art and calligraphy brings people together

Overcoming Obstacles

By Amanda Zito (@Blindthistle) Being an artist is a tumultuous life to begin with: dealing with self-doubt, art blocks, and everything in between. But what if all of a sudden you have to deal with more? @blindthistle wrote a beautiful blog about her recent wrist injury and how you can turn a bad situation into a learning experience. (And do you see these drawings? She did them with her LEFT hand!) As artists we meet a lot of challenges. For quite a few people, the choice of becoming an artist isn’t always so well received by our loved ones, who are worried about the financial stability of our futures...for good reason.

Artist Feature: Amanda Zito

Amanda Zito, also known as @Blindthistle is a wilderness-loving, motorcycle-riding, adventuring artist who captures the beauty of the Northern states in her amazing watercolor works and sketches. Learn about her journey as an art adventurer and hear the fantastic story of her first Pentalic journal in her artist interview. It's not one to miss! 1) What was the inspiration to your art journey? I've drawn for most of my life, my closest brother (six years older than me), would come home and teach me what he learned in art class. I really enjoyed drawing, but I actually wanted to be a jockey until 5th grade, when a girl moved to my

Juggling Art & Parenthood

By David Chung Being a parent and balancing your not child-related passions is incredibly difficult, especially at the beginning. Take a look at @theultrachung's advice on how to get back in the art game after you bring home your bundle of joy. Would you like to know how to make personal art while juggling being a first time parent? If any of you artists out there are about to be or have recently become parents for the first time, I just wanted to give you a heads up in what to expect. SPOILER ALERT! IT’S GONNA SUCK!!! You’re about to enter the most miserable, yet happiest, time of your life for

Artist Interview: David Chung

Meet @theultrachung! Learn about The Chung, why in the world he goes by the The Chung, his favorite thing about being a Dreamworks animator, and what about art makes you a "stupid ding-dong liar" nobody likes (actual quote from the interview). 1. When did people start calling you “The Chung?” I first started going by “The Chung!!” back in 2004 when I realized that there were about a thousand other David Chung’s trying to register some variation of that name as a website.,,, was the only available domain name closest to my name that I could snag at the time. Since then, the name The Chung!! just

Artist Interview: Michael Lindberg

Michael Lindberg (IG @Dustybrockway) is an elementary school teacher who was searching for a new way to relax after work that wasn’t a “flickering screen”. Through the guidance of the ever lovely, calming, and wonderful Bob Ross, he found art. Read his interview to learn about his art journey, the importance of experimentation, and the beauty of motivating others. Tell us about your journey and what made you want to start drawing? A few years ago I was looking for an outlet that was affordable and easy to maintain. While watching an episode of the beloved Joy of Painting, I was inspired to research oil paints to emulate Bob Ross’ style.

Artist Interview: Max Romey

Get to know artist, world traveler, trail runner, and film maker, Max Romey. He lives an extraordinary life full of adventure as he travels the globe to chase down trail runners and film them in their race through beautiful, and rugged terrain. Max, you do so much! Can you give the Pentalic fans a quick run down of all that you do? My job is to chase down the fastest trail runners in the world with a camera, but when I am not scrambling up mountains, I like to slow down and enjoy the landcape by painting it. I am a 24 year old Alaskan film maker who is lucky enough

Getting Your Work Out in the World!

Written by Molly Egan As if creating work isn’t difficult enough, promoting it and gaining attention is a whole other animal. I’d be lying if I told you that I have it all figured out, but I have learned from successes and failures along the way. Here are a few tips that have really helped me get my work out there. 1. Create as much work as possible I honestly believe that you have to make a lot of not-so-great work before you start making great work. The only way you can get better and evolve as an artist is by continuously making work and challenging yourself. It can be difficult