Art school is now in session! Our first lesson: drawing human faces. We are offering a series of beginner tutorials to assist participants on face drawing for the first group of 365 Challenge “Art School” drawing prompts in this Pentalic blog.

By Pentalic

To further our mission to help artists build their skills, we launched an “Art School” prompt theme for the April 2019 edition of our 365 Challenge @pentalic365. Every 7 days, a new area of artistic focus will begin. Each area is modeled after a poll we ran on the Pentalic Instagram where we asked artists which things they personally find most difficult to draw. For the first seven days, participants will be challenged to draw aspects of the human face. For this blog, we are offering a list of beginner tutorials that focus on drawing facial features, to help you put your best (drawn) faces forward.

Day 1: Eyes

If you can get past the eerie piano music playing in the background of this video, this is a great beginner eye drawing tutorial. Shaymus teaches you how to draw a simple, realistic eye in less than 5 minutes.

Day 2: Nose

Noses can often end up looking like…well…a certain part of the male anatomy, if not shaded appropriately. Jescia Hopper breaks down the parts of the nose into circles to make drawing noses more approachable for beginners.

Day 3: Lips

Learn how to draw a set of kissable graphite-coated lips with this tutorial. Makoccino uses circles, lines with simple shading and highlighting strategies to create a simple, realistic set of lips.

Day 4: Teeth

Do you ever try to draw a smile with teeth, then end up drawing closed smile because teeth make your subject look like a serial killer? Learn how to get over your fear of drawing teeth with this tutorial! Silvie teaches you how to draw a smiling mouth with beautiful, natural teeth in this lightly narrated, draw-along video.

Day 5: Ears

So many lines, so many shapes! Ears seem overwhelming to draw, but mikeymegamega makes it easier to rationalize! This is a casual tutorial that offers instruction on drawing the contours of the ear, from a side profile angle and front angle. Mikey includes, not only an ear drawing tutorial, but an ear placement tutorial in this video. There’s even a bonus section on how to draw elf ears!

Day 6: Hair

Learn to draw some lovely flowing locks. Talart gives a lesson on drawing any type of hair that flows realistically while drawing males and females.

Day 7: Head

Sum up all your lessons with a face drawing tutorial! In this holistic face drawing tutorial, RapidFireArt shows you how to draw a head shape and where to place each facial feature on male and female faces, via a series of guiding lines. She also includes how to scale and manipulate facial features to create distinct-looking faces.

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