Want to take your art to another dimension? We are providing a series of tutorials to help you draw challenging 3-Dimensional objects for the 365 “Art School” Challenge in this Pentalic blog.

By Pentalic

Drawing in Perspective:

The first step to drawing three dimensional objects is learning how to draw them in perspective! Several of the object-drawing tutorials in this blog mention the three types of perspective. RubberOnion gives you a crash course on the differences between one, two- and three-point perspective in this one-minute lesson.

Day 15: Cube

Take your art outside of the box (or cube) with this tutorial! chrompoised Art urges artists not to draw what she calls “mathbook cubes” in this silly, narrated cube perspective drawing tutorial.

Day 16: Ball

Art teacher Jordan Swain takes you back to Art 1 with this narrated sphere-drawing and chiaroscuro tutorial.

Day 17: Glass

SuperRaeDizzle teaches the Do’s and Don’t’s of drawing a realistic wine glass, complete with highlights and midtones.

Day 18: Car

How to Draw Cars shows you how to draw a car like an automotive designer using simple, loose lines.

Day 19: Building

Circle Line Art School demonstrates how to draw a building found in San Francisco, California using two-point perspective.

Day 20: Skull

Only 231 days until Halloween! To prepare your future spooky drawings, watch this easy skull drawing tutorial by EasyDrawings101.

Day 21: Chair

If you want to learn how to draw a chair and a desk in two-point perspective in a super precise way, watch this video by BudisArch.