Next lesson: drawing animals! We are offering a series of beginner tutorials to assist participants on drawing challenging animals for the second group of 365 Challenge “Art School” drawing prompts for April 2019 in this Pentalic blog.

By Pentalic

Day 8: Cat

Practicing drawing cats makes purrfect! Art ala Carte shows how to draw a cat from its arguably most challenging perspective: walking from the side view.

Day 9: Horse

Want to learn some horse facts, while you draw a horse? Michael Cariglio comments on horse anatomy, while using a series of circles, with connecting lines, to draw a simple, walking horse.

Day 10: Dolphin

Issue: Your dolphins look like sharks, and your sharks look like dolphins. Let’s work on that! LethalChris Drawing shows how to draw a dolphin and shade it for a more realistic look.

Day 11: Elephant

Let’s address the elephant in the room…how difficult elephants are to draw! Art of Wei draws an elephant by examining the basic shapes of its anatomy

Day 12: Whale

Whales…dolphins…what is the difference? Foundbygrace demonstrates two different ways to draw a blue whale in this simple tutorial.

Day 13: Wolf

Howl no more about your ability to draw a wolf! Markcrilley incorporates perfect squares to make a proportional wolf face in this tutorial.

Day 14: Alligator

Want to learn to draw these modern-day dinosaurs? How2DrawAnimals provides this super simple guided drawing of an alligator, using three circles for body references.